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Dry Waste Streams

Dry waste streams can handle applications such as cardboard, paper, and styrofoam, and others that weigh little. With dry waste stream equipment, the amount of service days can be reduced significantly, therefore saving your business money while remaining environmentally sound.

Wet Waste Streams

It’s important that wet waste streams receive special handling to avoid odor, leakage, hazards, insect/rodent infestations, as well as environmental fees and large hauling trip charges due too heavy, aged containers. GEAC understand the specific needs for wet waste streams, which can help combat unexpected expenses. We will provide you with the best option for you needs.


Balers offer a quick and efficient way to pack small, tight bales ready for market, therefore simplying recycling efforts. Loading is easy, as balers offer a variety of options for multiple applications including ground, conveyor, and dock fed.Our balers will leave a minimal carbon footprint while saving you money through efficient recycling management.

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