Specializing in waste and recycling handling equipment, General Equipment Acceptance Corporation (GEAC) has provided commercial, industrial, and institutional organizations with custom-tailored lease and rental options. Since 1998, GEAC’s team has consulted on and arranged delivery of hundreds of commercial trash compaction systems, recycling balers, and material handling systems, helping to improve their client’s productivity, workflow, and safety compliance.

The company offers consulting services for many of its clients, which identify cost-savings opportunities that typically incorporate environmentally-friendly alternatives such as composting and waste, as well as energy solutions.

Apartment Compactors

Have a limited space to work with? Available from 2 cubic yards to 30 cubic yards, GEAC’s apartment compactors are highly efficient and are designed for smaller areas. Apartment compactors are most commonly installed in high-rise apartment complexes, basements, restaurants, and small retail locations. This piece of equipment will compress waste into small, manageable parcels.

Compaction Containers

Compaction containers are known for their durability for a variety of wastes and climates and are ideal for restricted spaces or locations that require a container with reduced yardage. These containers are usually specified in 40 cubic yards size when paired with stationary compactors.


Pre-crushers are the most powerful stationary compactor, with the ability to destroy and compact large bulky items. Ideal for large, bulky waste streams from commercial and industrial …

Self-Contained Compactors

Self-contained compacts are ideal to handle wet waste by reducing labor and collection costs that are normally related to disposal. Self-contained compactor sizes range between 10 cubic yards and 39 cubic yards. This equipment offers large feed openings and large storage capacity. The compactor body and container are an integrated unit and therefore must be taken to a landfill together.

Stationary Compactors

Ideal for daily dry waste disposal, stationary compactors are known for their durability and longevity. Stationary compactors can handle bulky waste while reducing collection pickups, designed for both commercial and industrial locations. This equipment is available from 2 cubic yards to 7 cubic yards, usually paired with a 40 cubic yard receiver container. Only the container must be removed to be taken to a landfill.

Specialty Equipment

GEAC offers a variety of specialty equipment for your specific needs and location, including augers, horizontal balers, liquid extruders, and shredders. We also have the ability to modify or customize our current existing equipment. Please consult with us so we can recommend the best waste equipment solution for your needs.

Cardboard Baling System

Vertical Balers

Durable and requiring little maintenance, vertical balers can handle a multitude of material and tonnage volumes. Recycling balers can handle up to 1,300 lbs. are available and offer a small footprint with a variety of safety features. Both 60” and 72” models are available, along with even lower models for compact spaces. Vertical balers also offer the benefit of reducing regularly hauled mixed waste up to 90%.

Vertical Compactors

Vertical compactors offer the benefit of being able to be emptied via a front load collection truck, as well as being affordable and compact. This equipment is perfect for any area with space restrictions, as its feed can be configured in a variety of directions. They are also efficient and easy to compact and require about the same amount of space a front load commercial container might need, so converting it to a compaction unit is easy.

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