Safety and Reliability

You can rely on us to provide durable, reliable, and safe equipment that meets our high standards, as well as ANSI requirements. Each piece goes through rigorous inspection to ensure you’re receiving only the highest quality equipment. All equipment is rebuilt and renewed periodically.

GEAC Benefits

Experienced Technicians

GEAC’s experienced team and technicians are there to provide you with the equipment you need and the customer service you deserve. We are dedicated to helping you find the best fit for your needs.

Repair Access 24/7

If any piece of equipment is not operating as it should, we guarantee to dispatch one of our experienced equipment technicians to fix the problem. Within 24 hours, the equipment should be back to functioning normally.

No Repair Bills

If a piece of rental equipment is unrepairable, it will be replaced at no additional cost. You will never receive a repair bill from GEAC.


Fixed Payments

All equipment rentals and leases include maintenance services – you will never receive a “surprise” bill from GEAC.

Prior to an equipment rental or lease installation, GEAC requires the following:

  • Adequate power supply, as well as a lockable fused disconnect box. This box must be within 10 ft. of the compaction equipment for safety reasons. Electrical maintenance fuses, and voltage must also be provided by the customer.
  • A concrete pad is also required. The pad should be 10’ wider and 5’ longer than the combined square foot of the compactor and container. The pad should be wire mesh reinforced, made of at least 300 P.S.I. concreate, and 6 inches thick.

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